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 Private Pet FAQ

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PostSubject: Private Pet FAQ   Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:20 pm

What is a Private Pet?

A Private Pet is a animal designed by you, for you. You earn the animal by winning a contest or, if we think you deserve one. The animal is a re-texture designed by you. You select the HP, Items it drops, Size, Attack power, and name. The animal is public prey to kill but, the animal is assigned to your account and only you are aloud to have it. Bosses can be private pets as well.

How can I earn one?

There are many ways you can earn a private pet, some easier then others.

Being a huge help in the community

Winning a contest

Becoming member of the month

Making a new animal thats complete and ready to be placed ingame.


1. What if I do not want my pet public to kill?

Answer: If you really do not want it to be public to kill we will not make it spawn In any maps

2. I lost my pet!! Can I get a new one?

Answer: Sure, Contact me and ill reassign it to your account.

3. How many private pets can I have?

Answer: 2 Would be the limit.

4. Does my private pet apply to other servers?

Answer: No, we are the only server that offers private pets.

5. Oops, I tamed a Private pet thats not mine, now what?

Answer: You won't get punished for having a private pet that isnt yours if you release the animal withought giving us problems.

Any more questions feel free to post.
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Private Pet FAQ
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