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PostSubject: ~WolfHeart~   Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:50 pm

~WolfHeart Bioness~
Age: Young adult
species: Demon/Wolf
Gender: Female
Birth parents: Father: Shadow: leader shadow demon Mother: Mortal Black wolf.
Kin: Sister: SapphireHeart (Goddess/Wolf)
Bio: WolfHeart was born in the mortal world, but soon her father took her to the underworld where she grew up. She was trained as a skilled assain with special daggers crafted by the grim reaper himself.When satin Killed her father when she was in her teen years she returned to the mortal world in the same process reincarnation happens. on her sides she has marks disguising her as one of evil blood, but she can be sweeter than you would think, she has somewhat of mind block that keeps her from opening up to other people she has never met.Her Sister was born a few months after her and spent her life in the heavens as a goddess. WolfHeart met her on the day she was turning into a young adult, SapphireHeart was a fallen goddess now with great powers, but all was secrete between the two about the lives they had led.The Duo ended at the crystal water springs, where sapphire heart planed to live , WolfHeart left to a place called shadow Veldt , where she soon found that more wolf/Dogs lived among the tree's and deadly lava springs that where almost like her.She is immortal to this day liveing happily alone with company of her companions.(Which she has very few) Yet she still enjoys wandering off to the underworld from time to time.

Charector rp stats: Fantasy/Un Realistic.
skills.: Strenth: 55% Cunning: 35% speed: 10% Attitude: 5%
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PostSubject: Re: ~WolfHeart~   Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:45 pm

ur char sounds amazing Very Happy
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