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 A few Grammar and Spelling errors

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PostSubject: A few Grammar and Spelling errors   Sun Oct 14, 2012 3:42 pm

Just a few spelling errors in important parts of the forum that need adressing;

In Map rules;

1. No more then 4 species in the map

should be 'than' not 'then'

2. No Dragons, Ninjas, Robots, Dinosaurs, Luna, Private pets, Druids, Super Ninjas are allowed in the map

at the end of the list instead of ', Super ninjas' it should be 'Druids or Super ninjas are allowed'.

3. The spawn rate cannot be Insane

Insane shouldn't have a capital 'I' and cannot are two seperate words.

4. The prey must relate to your map environment

No 'n' before the m in enviroment.

In In-game rules;

3. Do not steal prey. (Meaning no running in and killing it after the person has lowered its health. Group hunting does not apply to this)

it should be 'after another player has lowered its health.' and (This does not apply to group hunting) instead of what is currently there.

8. Needs a bit of clarifacation as reading it, I'm a little confused.

11. should be 'You will be punnished if caught doing this'

12 is the exact same as 5 pretty much.

14. 'You will be punnished if caught doing this.'

Punishment system;

'Punnishment System that all Mods, Admins and members must be aware of/enforce.'

'If the user is under 13; Perma ban until they are of age.'

1st time = kick and a warning

Prey theft

2nd time is pretty much the same as the third time

Harrasing a member

2nd time =2 day ban (If the harrasment is extreme proceed to extend the ban to as long as you think they deserve)

Being in-game without a forum account will result in your account being disabled until a forum account is created.

Private pet F.A.Qs

2's answer; 'ill' has an apostrophe 'I'll'

That wraps up all the majour spelling/grammar corrections...anymore and i'll post again.
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A few Grammar and Spelling errors
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