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 Could anyone posibly make a map for free?

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PostSubject: Could anyone posibly make a map for free?   Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:43 pm

Hi, Im new to this comminty
I come from Impressve World if ya heard of it. Me and a Few friends are just joining in to this site.
I Am Curiuos if anyone could make a Free map. Me and My Friends are A STAR WARS RP Group.
we love to RP. We would like a "Jedi Temple" Map
(If your from IW then it's SUn temple but we want it more Star Warsy related)
we would like it as real or nice as the STAR WARS Jedi temple. but im gonna just put out a simple concept here soon. soooo.... i guess thats it Very Happy i heard the game isnt on so ill go ahead and Invite some friends when its on Very Happy

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Could anyone posibly make a map for free?
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