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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:13 pm

1. You must be 13 or older to even be on the forum or the chatbox.

2. Cussing needs to be kept to a minimum. Sexual content will not be tolerated.

3. Do not post porn or hentai.

4. Do not harass any staff or members.

5. Do not beg to be part of the staff team.

6. You need to follow the rules of each board or your post is subject to removal or locked.

7. Anyone who has issues with a staff member should PM an admin. Do not post rants about a staff in a thread, you must also have proof to your claims against them.

8. You are not allowed to bypass forum codes, we have them there for a reason. If you are found out to be doing this you will be punished.

9. You have freedom of speech but downright downgrading members or other things is not permitted. If you can't say something nice then do not say anything at all.

10. Everyone no matter gender, race, ethnic background, past, has every right to be on this forum. If you feel your rights have been violated contact an Admin immediately.

11. No hacking or bypassing codes.

12. No spamming.

13. Do not mini mod- As in, do not go around doing a mod's job if you're not a mod.

14. Respect your staff and fellow members.

15. No vulgar images in your icons or signatures.

16. Your signature picture size must be 300x300 or less. (If you use one.)

17. Do not give out the download link.

18. If you have nothing nice to say about a server, don't say it at all. We're looking to remain neutral here.
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Forum Rules
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