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 Preset/Art Commissions

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PostSubject: Preset/Art Commissions   Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:30 pm

The title says it all. Check out my dA for pricing of everything.

Don't worry, my presets are worth the points. And that's cheap. Some people sell their presets for like, $50. <_< And they're ugly.

my art may also take a long time to complete since I'm on hiatus

just wave a few points around and I may pick up the pace <_<

Warning, noobs may see this as expensive. Warning.

This goes by dA points.

2: A dAmuro illustration. (same day)

5: An un-colored sketch done in pencil or ink pen. (same day)

20: A colored sketch. (1 day)

40: Lineart (unlimited # of chars) (2-4 days)

50: A painting of one character (to be done in acrylics) (7 days)

60: Colored Lineart (1 day)

80: Colored and Shaded Lineart (limited to 2 chars per color/shade, 10 more points per additional character. So if you had a picture you wanted done with four characters, it would cost you 100) (3 days)

100: An Impressive-Title Preset (2 days)

110: A Feral-Heart Preset (1-3 days)

130: A complete, shaded illustration, with background. (takes about 4 days)

190: A map for Impressive-Title (no larger than 5000x5000, or send me a note) (three days)

300: A map for Feral-Heart (not larger than 8000x8000) (1 week)

350: A private pet for Impressive-Elements (1-2 days)
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Preset/Art Commissions
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